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Porsche's Digital Press Information

This new Digital Press Kit has the same contents as the printed press kit, but is optimised for working on the computer. You do not need access to the internet to reach the complete contents of the Kit. Should you have accesss to the internet, however, you are able to reach Porsche’s Press Database directly from here. To do so, just click on to the access box in the right-hand column under “The Porsche Press Database“.

Positioning the navigation bar:
You will find the command “Position Navigation Bar“ beneath the Porsche logo. Activating this function, you set the navigation bar in the right position. Now, when scrolling, all you do is move the contents of the page, with the navigation bar always remaining in sight. This is not recommendable on small screens. To release this function, just click on to the box again.

Here you can browse through the Press Kit, looking for search terms. The articles you are looking for and the appropriate photos will be presented to you through the terms chosen.

Print page:
This function presents a version of the article optimised for presentation/printing.

Download text:
Here you receive a text file of the article you wish to download.

Navigate through pictures: Using the arrows at the bottom right of each picture at the beginning of each article, you will see further images. The magnifying glass opens up the respective image in the overview of photos.

The specifications of the respective cars are split up into two sections. In the left-hand column you will reach a table providing an overview of the most important and common specifications. Should you wish to compare the specifications of up to four vehicles directly, just choose the vehicles you are looking for in the small box to the right of the model designation and click on to the button “Compare vehicles chosen“. There you have the option, by clicking the button “Press page“, to obtain an overview of the table optimised for printing. In the right-hand column you can open a PDF file with detailed vehicle specifications.

Downloading press kits
Here you can download the conventional press kit data in PDF or Word.

In this section you will find all photos and illustrations contained in the Press Kit. At the top you will find a large preview picture, at the bottom small preview pictures of all images in the Press Kit. To present one of these pictures at the top as a large preview image, just click on to the picture you have chosen.
You can also add individual pictures to your selection by clicking on to and activating the small box beneath one of the small pictures.

How the Photo Gallery works:

To print a picture: Here you will access the print preview of the picture chosen.

To download a picture: Here you will reach a selection of various formats.

To present all pictures: Here all pictures in the Press Kit are presented as previews.

To present a selection of pictures: Here only the pictures you have chosen are presented as previews.

To re-set your selection: Here your selection of pictures is deleted.
To print a picture: Here a contact sheet of the pictures you have chosen is presented in the print view.

To download your selection: Here the pictures you have chosen are presented in various formats.

You will find all data files in the "Photo" section of your USB stick.

Videos are to be found here, in particular for colleagues from online media. We offer you a selection of films and additional footage material which you can check out and download here. As with the photos provided in the Kit, you have the option in this case to compile your personal search/memory list. You will receive more film and footage material for TV stations from your Press Department.

Here you will find your contact partner at Porsche.

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