Porsche · digital presskit";
Porsche · digital presskit
The new Porsche 911 Carrera
More driving pleasure, performance and efficiency
The new Porsche 911 Carrera
The new Porsche 911 Carrera
The 911 has been the world's best-selling sports car for decades. Now the new generation has arrived to further extend this lead. With innovative turbo flat engines, an advanced chassis with an even greater spread between performance and comfort and a new infotainment system it is exceedingly well-equipped for this.
New turbocharged engines: 20 hp power increase coupled with lower fuel consumption
The completely new engine generation with bi-turbo charging raises the emotional driving pleasure in the 911 Carrera to an even more intensive experience: 370 hp (272 kW) of power at the rear of the 911 Carrera is waiting to be unleashed and converted into sporty propulsion.
A standard feature: reengineered PASM chassis lowers the ride height by ten millimetres
The 911 Carrera is the benchmark for driving dynamics of all-round sports cars. With every new generation Porsche further increases the spread between everyday com-fort and circuit performance.
New Porsche Communication Management including online navigation
A standard feature of the new 911 Carrera models is the newly developed Porsche Communication Management System (PCM) including online navigation module and voice control.
Press film 911 Carrera
40 years' turbo experience in motorsport and series production
At Porsche, innovations and developments that have proved themselves under extreme racing conditions always benefit production models, too. more ...