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2020/12/16 | Miami | Company | Press Release

Donation of 10,432 dollars for families affected by the coronavirus

Porsche Latin America employees join TECHO's ‘Pact of Empathy’

Miami. Porsche Latin America (PLA) employees donated 10,432 dollars to the ‘Empathy Pact’, a global movement led by TECHO to raise funds to help alleviate the most urgent aspects of food safety and preventive healthcare caused by the coronavirus.

The money was raised through an internal auction of Porsche Driver Selection items and office furniture that was available to employees by PLA before moving into its new office.

“At Porsche, financial success and social responsibility have always gone hand in hand. This philosophy of solidarity is shared by each and every one of the employees not only of the headquarters in Germany, but also of the subsidiaries, importers, and local distributors”, said George Wills, President and General Director of Porsche Latin America. “This donation is a clear sign of our commitment to this tradition. Every penny invested for the benefit of the community is well spent.”

The money raised by PLA employees, added to the 125,000 dollars donated by Porsche in May this year, has allowed TECHO's teams and community leaders to provide essential kits containing hygiene products and basic foodstuffs to vulnerable families, especially those living in neighborhoods at greatest risk. Donations will also help in the distribution of information on how to prevent infection.

“The partnership between Porsche and TECHO has grown stronger over nine years," said Bruno Borges, CEO of TECHO in the United States. "We are very pleased to see employees of PLA and its local partners actively participate in the construction of transactional houses and now make this donation to help mitigate the needs of families affected by the coronavirus.”

Those who are interested in contributing to this cause can access the site and make their donations.

Powerful alliance
On November 28, 2011, Porsche Latin America signed an agreement with the organization TECHO to sponsor the ARTecho exhibition in Wynwood (Miami) and to build 356 houses for poor people. The number 356 was a nod to the first car made by Porsche in 1948, the 356 'No. 1'.

The alliance between Porsche and TECHO has continued uninterrupted until today. Thanks to the more than two million dollars donated by PLA, the support of local importers and distributors and the invaluable work of thousands of volunteers, almost 570 transitional houses have been built in Latin America and the Caribbean, benefiting more than 4,700 people.

Similarly, about 30 workshops on mechanics, social and employment skills have been given. It has also been possible to respond to natural disasters, including flooding in northern Chile (2015), Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (2017), the earthquake in Mexico (2017) and the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala (2018).

Further information, film and photo material in the Porsche Newsroom

Elizabeth Solis

Porsche Latin America, Inc.

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Porsche Latin America employees join TECHO's ‘Pact of Empathy’

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