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Siegfried Bülow 


Jan. 7, 1952  Born in Chemnitz (Saxony), Germany 
1958 to 1968  School education, General Leaving Certificate 
1968 to 1970  Training as toolmaker at the company training school of the Barkas-Werke in Chemnitz 
1971/72  Military service 
1972 to 1976  Mechanical fitter for fixtures; from 1975 on section manager for production control at the Barkas-Werke. In parallel, mechanical engineering studies at the Chemnitz Polytechnic (Breitenbrunn), completed with engineering diploma (FH) 
1977  Scientific assistant in the investment area of the Barkas-Werke from 1978 Various managerial posts in production at the Barkas-Werke 
1990  General Manager of the Barkas GmbH 
1991  General Manager of Motorenwerke Chemnitz GmbH 
1992  Engine Manufacturing Manager at VW Sachsen, then Central Department Manager, Paint Shop at the VW AG plant in Wolfsburg 
1994  Volkswagen Brand Vehicle Planning Manager, VW AG 
1997  Small Car Production Manager, VW AG, Wolfsburg plant 
Since August 1, 2000  General Manager, Porsche Leipzig GmbH 

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Siegfried Bülow, General Manager, Porsche Leipzig GmbH

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